6 February, 2024

Meet The Architect: Johnny Hyde, OH Architecture

What’s everyone wanting in 2024? We had a chat to Johnny Hyde, Director at OH Architecture, to dissect design trends, how the industry has evolved for the better and the special sauce behind every great building company.

Johnny Hyde of OH Architecture

Sarah: What trends are coming in and pushing out in the way of design right now?

Johnny: There’s a real push towards quality. This may sound funny as everyone wants quality, but it feels like there’s a real conscious approach of clients wanting quality designs, quality materials and quality in the construction stages. A project is a huge undertaking in terms of commitment and investment and a lot of clients come to us with the approach of ‘do it once, do it right. In terms of what’s going, Hamptons is out, if not gone already!

Sarah: What’s the most rewarding part about being an architect?

Johnny: I have the romantic thought that architecture and design can really enrich people’s lives. Whether it’s planning a home for a client that provides ease of use day-to-day or capturing those moments where clients can retreat and relax. Our lives are made of moments and experiences, and I feel architects and designers have the responsibility to design places where people spend a lot of those moments. Getting spaces right is super rewarding for us.

Sarah: What’s the main change you’ve witnessed in the design world over the years?

Johnny: Technology! Throughout the whole process, from design to communication with clients and beyond. That science of building materials, it’s all constantly evolving. Then there’s home automation technology to help the house operate more efficiently and effectively. Another big change is building sustainability and the use of ethically resourced and crafted materials. While there’s always been passive design principles to employ, now there’s a responsibility to the architect or designer to make sustainable building material choices. We need to also understand these properties to educate the client. A good example of this is how engineered stone is being phased out.

Sarah: What does the future look like for OH?

Johnny: The future looks great. We have some great projects this year and we’re constantly meeting new clients and talking about their exciting projects. We’re also looking to build our new office which is super exciting. It will be a space for our staff and clients to experience, that truly reflects our design aesthetic and ethos.

Sarah: How do you and your team stay inspired to design fresh and unique homes?

Johnny: One of my first mentors told me you never stop learning as an architect or designer. There is always a constant progression of thought, even when you look back at previous projects. You learn what worked and what you could improve on in the next design. Design never stops and that keeps us motivated. There are also so many compelling projects and concepts happening within the industry, and they motivate us to keep growing, to test new ideas and keep progressing.

Sarah: What makes a builder great to work with?

Johnny: Communication is key. We believe in a ‘team’ approach on every project. The architect, the builder and the client are all part of a team, and we work together to create an outcome. Builders we love to work with have similar approaches. We also believe in the experience. We want the experience to be enjoyable for everyone. The design and build journey have their ups and downs, but if a builder is willing to communicate and problem solve with the architect and the client, then the experience is a lot more enjoyable for all. When the architect and builder can resolve issues together in the first instance, there is no need to overwhelm the client with stress or drama.

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