7 February, 2024

Meet The Architect: Matthew Walton, Walton Architecture

We recently caught up with Matthew Walton, director of Walton Architecture, to discuss his work, inspiration, and what it’s like collaborating with Pilgrim.

Sarah: What’s trending in architecture in 2024?

Matthew: What’s trending? I’d have to say highly livable spaces. Sure, concave travertine tiles and shou sugi ban timber cladding comes to mind also, but these trends come in behind authentically livable homes. Home owners are becoming more informed around living spaces that have access to northern sunlight, and ensuring that rooms have cross ventilation to limit the use of air-conditioning. Even the simple fact that real estate agents now often provide photos of homes without artificial lights in order to showcase the natural lighting of a space speaks volumes. So yes, finishes are very important, but the fundamentals of design are at the forefront.

Sarah: What inspired you to become an architect?

Matthew: I was fascinated with architecture from a young age. I’ve always been very aware of how a space made me feel. The height of a ceiling, the colour of a wall, or the placement of a window; I knew when I liked it and when it felt wrong, even as a child. Combined that with a dad who loved sketching houses, it seemed destined!

Sarah: Where do you see Walton in the future?

Matthew: My ambition is to continue to deliver beautiful homes for fantastic clients. I have a background in high end multi-residential architecture, so I can see Walton branching into this in the future.

Sarah: What’s the hardest part about being an architect?

Matthew: The current climate of the construction industry is certainly challenging amidst escalating construction prices. This is why working with reputable developers and builders, such as Pilgrim, is so valuable. If you have confidence in your builder, this mitigates one of the largest risks in your project.

Sarah: What's the best part of your job?

Matthew: Collaborating with fantastic people. You know what they say, it’s the journey! Working with the team at Pilgrim is a great experience and makes the whole process feel so worthwhile.

Sarah: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Matthew: Generally, the place. Our suburbs have distinctly unique identities, and when this is combined with the qualities of the particular site address, there is a lot to be inspired by to make something unique. Of course, we have so many fantastic Australian architects that inspire me, such as Glenn Murcutt, Robin Gibson, and Donovan Hill. Donovan Hill’s C House is one of my favourites and continues to be an inspiration!

Sarah: What do you love about Pilgrim?

Matthew: Their commitment to quality and design. It’s easy to see when looking through their projects. Every house that I have been involved with has gone through a rigorous design process to ensure that it not only looks fantastic, but that it is a highly functional family home that is designed to make the most of the site conditions, such as views, cross breezes, natural sunlight, and the topography. Pilgrim ensures that their houses are unique and are purposefully designed for the chosen location.

Matthew is a registered Architect and has collaborated with Pilgrim on several projects including Watson, Indus and Ashgrove Sanctuary. You can see these, along with more of Matthew’s work at Walton Architecture’s website: