5 February, 2024

Meet The Landscape Guru: Mitch Gittoes, Happy Kookaburra Landscaping

While a beautiful home sparks wonder and fuels dreaming, a harmonious landscape ultimately sets the tone. We sat down with Mitch Gittoes, owner of Happy Kookaburra Landscaping, to learn more about creating magical outdoor spaces and why they’re such a crucial part of every build.

Sarah: What’s the best part about being a landscape extraordinaire?

Mitch: Working creatively with amazing people, overcoming obstacles, providing solutions, and ultimately making peoples' visions come to life.

Sarah: What don’t people think about when creating a landscape?

Mitch: Whatever you create, you have to sustain and maintain it. Thinking long-term is crucial when selecting products, plants and materials. In today's busy world, depending on how much time or money you’re willing to spend on maintenance, my advice is to keep it simple and as low-maintenance as possible while still fulfilling the desired aesthetic and effect. Finding this balance is key.

Sarah: What’s one area of landscaping that should never be overlooked?

Mitch: The durability and quality of materials used.

Sarah: What does the future of landscaping look like for Happy Kookaburra?

Mitch: We’re a growing venture that continues to expand, influencing and implementing garden designs on a greater scale. Our aim is to take on the burdens, stresses and challenges of a project while bringing the spirit of Happy Kookaburra into everything we do. We stand for enthusiasm, friendliness and a genuine love of service. We're excited to explore and develop new innovative ways of incorporating nature into modern architecture. We live by the mantra, ‘heaven is a garden’.

Sarah: Why is landscaping important in a new build?

Mitch: When you first enter a new place, you often don't realise it’s the landscaping creating the feel and atmosphere. When landscaping is done right, it evokes an intuitively positive experience. These first impressions can be crucial when buying and selling a new home.

Sarah: What is the key to creating an exceptional landscape design?

Mitch: Taking the time to get to know the client and their needs and desires for the project. Understanding the practical needs of the space and implementing them in a creative and contemporary way. Incorporating global concepts into local projects.

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