3 February, 2024

7 Steps To Choosing The Right Builder For You

The truth is any builder can build you a home. However, all are not equal when it comes to delivering high-quality, customised luxury spaces. Bringing your dreams to life while walking you through an amazing, (relatively) stress-free experience, is rare.

Which is why it’s important for you to get to know your builder. Do your due diligence and the result is totally invaluable: utter peace of mind. And when you do find The One, allow yourself to trust them and trust the process. It might not come easy, but the outcome will undoubtedly be spectacular.

Here, the key things to consider in finding your perfect match.

1. Consider whether you trust them

The custom luxury home building journey can take up to 18 months, sometimes extending up to 24 months depending on how intricate your vision is. It makes sense to choose a builder you feel you can trust. Take the time to meet with the Director in addition to other key members of the builder’s team. You need to reflect on whether you feel like they’re a good fit, and ideally, you need to click with the entire team to maintain ongoing trust. 

2. Don’t let price be the No. 1 factor

If price is a deal breaker in choosing a builder, custom luxury home building may not be for you. Brutal but true. While the price needs to be fair, builders who are willing to undercut on price are more than likely going to cut corners elsewhere. They’ll look to cut either quality or staffing, resulting in the absence of a necessary team to service you. It’s an instant red flag and can even result in the builder recouping extra funds from you via provisional sums or variation costs.

3. Research the team

Your builder is in charge, but the team build the home. Make the effort to ensure your builder has the necessary team to facilitate your project. You want to think about the company’s capacity, individual skillsets and proven experience before deciding if they’re right for you.

4. Understand their systems 

A professional custom luxury builder will operate under systems that drive the process, not just gut feel. These systems, and processes, should be evident at every step of your journey. They should be able to clearly answer your questions around what your build will entail, what stages to expect and provide approximate timeframes. The systems should be underpinned by software that tracks the process and offers consistent site updates once construction has commenced.

5. Find somebody who’s service-focused

This applies to more than the team on the tools. You want to find a building company with an in-office team who’s available to address any of your concerns. The home building journey is complex and often confusing. The right builder will take the time to answer your questions and explain the details. They must be empathetic, but also focused on delivering a quality custom luxury home.

6. Make sure they’re design-focused

Most builders understand construction, but few understand design. Unique, luxury, timeless, refreshing, inspiring, light-filled, relaxing — they’re just a few of the objectives Pilgrim pursues when designing a custom luxury home. Their individual taste should suit your style, but it also takes a team of talented, creative individuals to bring your dreams to life. They need to be inspired by beauty and take pride in creating it.

Great design is in the details. It’s colours and finishes, textures and suppliers. It’s choosing designers and architects who understand true creative design. These experts are motivated to deliver you the endless wow you’re chasing.

7. Review their track record 

Do they have proven experience in building the style of home you envision? How many homes have they built? A custom luxury home build requires meticulous attention to detail and an army of highly skilled experts to pull everything together. Custom equals a home that’s never been built before, which takes experience and knowledge. They need to know how to work with you plus the architects and designers to bring your vision to life on paper. They need to understand the best way to cut and retain your site. They need to design the structure of your home in an efficient and buildable way, working with the right trades to deliver high-quality finishes. The process isn’t simple, and you’re handing them colossal responsibility so make sure they’ve proven themselves.

Pilgrim strives to be a custom luxury home builder of choice through close engagement with our clients at every step of the journey. We are managed by systems and fitted with an experienced office and construction team collating highly specialised new home builders.

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