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Our pilgrimage takes us to every corner of the building and design industries. Gathering our most informed learnings and take-outs to help inspire your own journeys, this space is dedicated to celebrating boundless curiosity, and learning from others.

Meet The Architect: Matthew Walton, Walton Architecture

We recently caught up with Matthew Walton, director of Walton Architecture, to discuss his work, inspiration, and what it’s like collaborating with Pilgrim.

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Johnny Hyde of OH Architecture

Meet The Architect: Johnny Hyde, OH Architecture

What’s everyone wanting in 2024? We had a chat to Johnny Hyde, Director at OH Architecture, to dissect design trends, how the industry has evolved for the better and the special sauce behind every great building company.

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Meet The Landscape Guru: Mitch Gittoes, Happy Kookaburra Landscaping

While a beautiful home sparks wonder and fuels dreaming, a harmonious landscape ultimately sets the tone. We sat down with Mitch Gittoes, owner of Happy Kookaburra Landscaping, to learn more about creating magical outdoor spaces and why they’re such a crucial part of every build.

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7 Steps To Choosing The Right Builder For You

The truth is any builder can build you a home. However, all are not equal when it comes to delivering high-quality, customised luxury spaces.

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How Long Does It REALLY Take To Build A Custom Luxury Home?

It's a great question, and one we’re often asked, but the better question is ‘how long does the process take to create a brand-new custom luxury home... from scratch?’.

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5 Crucial Steps to creating a Show-Stopping Bathroom

Designing a new home is an exciting venture, and one area that often takes centre stage is the bathroom. A well-designed bathroom is more than just a functional space – it's a sanctuary, a retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

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